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Paralegal Staff Support as Important Part in a Job as a Lawyer

From so many things considered important in a job as a lawyer, it cannot be denied that Paralegal Staff Support is the one which is also so proper to be called as important. In simple words, a paralegal, who is no other else but someone who perform the staff support mentioned earlier, can also be called as the substitute of a lawyer. It is proper to be called so because the main job of a paralegal is in fact to help a lawyer hired him to perform legal services needed by clients. It seems the paralegal is also proper to be called as a lawyer’s assistant as well. His services are needed when the lawyer really cannot perform the legal services needed by client because of various reasons.

Of course, a paralegal is not just a random assistant. More than that, paralegal actually also have the ability to perform jobs done by lawyer and it is definitely legal. The sure thing is a paralegal cannot work alone because he must be under the name of a lawyer, law firm, or an agency belongs to government. This is the definitely the major difference can be found between a lawyer and a paralegal who are basically quite different from one another.

As an assistant also a paralegal must be educated based on the field of expertise. This way, he will understand much better about the job of a lawyer as well as the common legal services done and the rules. Other than this, a paralegal must also be trained first and do some practices in order to become experienced. Once he becomes experienced, he will be found by lawyers who by any chance in need of a staff, which is a paralegal. In simple words, it can be said that not all people can become paralegals.


U pun for office partners

“It’s a tribute to the people of North U pun for office partners diverse but capable of maintaining religious tolerance. We want the rest of U pun for office partners imitate life here,”said Committee Chairman Christmas PAN, Bara Hasibuan, at a press conference at the Lion Hotel Manado on Saturday ( 21/12 / 2013).

With the theme of ‘ Love Not Looking difference, Torang Samua Basudara ‘, Christmas celebration in Manado PAN is part of the mission to confirm the characteristics of an inclusive and pluralistic party, not the party that is based on a particular religion.